Thandi’s Eats – Feb ’16

Red Pepper Pasta 1  Happy March! Can you believe it’s March already? Before we know it, we’ll be sipping mulled wine an wrestling with Christmas trees again. If anyone asks, this is the reason I give for the fact that my Christmas wreath is still hanging on the front door.

I’ve been enjoying the sun and sea this month in South Africa, before I have to pack up and brace myself for the frosty spring in London. I’ve enjoyed loads of fruits, salads and of course my beloved avocados. Here are my top eats from last month.

Avo Basil ToastIt may be new year, but old habits die hard.. My avocado obsession continues! They’re in season here so I am having my fill, well possibly my entire family’s fill. One of my favourite avocado snacks I had this past month was this Avocado on toasted Ciabatta with Hummus, Basil leaves and quartered Rosa tomatoes.

Hummus + Pita 1Hummus was definitely my snack-food of the month and this Caramelised Onion Hummus from Woolworths is beyond delicious. It’s sweet, earthly and bursting with onion flavour. When I wasn’t slathering it on sandwiches, I was dunking all sort of treats in it. On this occasion I had with cucumber sticks, vegan cheese and coriander stuffed Pita wedges.

Chia Breakfast Trifle.jpgDessert-style breakfasts have been a thing on my blog since the beginning. I have made many a chia pudding here on the blog, but this is definitely one of my favourites. This Chia Breakfast Trifle is packed with fruity flavour and topped with my favourite vegan custard from Alpro. You can find the recipe for the Chia Breakfast Trifle here.

Nectarine Salad 1The most surprisingly tasty meal I’ve had this month has to this Nectarine & Pistachio-nut Salad. I threw it together when I was crazy hungry and I wanted to eat everything. I added the candied ginger slices at the last minute and it turned out to be scrumptious. They add great texture a zingy pop of flavour to anything. For this salad I used mixed greens, nectarine wedges, pistachio nuts, candied ginger slices and a maple & mustard dressing.

That’s it for this month’s eats! To see more of my day-to-day eats, you can follow me on Instagram.

Happy Eating!

Thandi xx

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