Thandi Eats Vegan @ The Breakfast Club

IMG_7142My birthday takes place at a pretty awkward point in the year. Everyone is out of pocket and joyous spirit by the time my special day rolls around, so I usually have to take it upon myself to make something happen. Even though it was freezing outside and the weather forecast was predicting possible snow, we decided to make a day of it anyway.


Initially I had wanted to visit Cereal Killers in Shoreditch, but we were all hungry for something more than Captain Crunch. My cousin suggested The Breakfast Club. I had heard only good things about it, so we bundled up and headed out the door. IMG_7134We visited The Breakfast Club in Angel, it’s located in the Camden Passage. Angel is a lovely area to wonder around in, the Camden passage is filled with loads of antique shops, café’s and boutiques. As the name suggests, breakfast is available most of the day (until 5pm). It’s named the Breakfast Club more as a nod to the 80’s. The interior is decked from floor to sealing in memorabilia and quirky trinkets.IMG_7168It’s a charming space with a slightly grungy atmosphere. The warm dim lighting and closely packed tables create a cosy environment and you find yourself getting too comfortable very quickly. IMG_7155I started with a hot drink, as there had been a short wait outside for a table. I had a fresh ginger and lemon tea that came in this adorable mug. Once I was all warmed-up I moved onto a double Kahlua on the rocks. If you haven’t tried it, it’s coffee liquor and it’s delicious!

IMG_7162The Breakfast Club don’t have any deliberately vegan meals on their menu, but several meals can be veganised and there are several dairy-free smoothie’s. There are options like porridge, muesli and fruit salad, but it was closer to lunch than breakfast at this point so I went for something a bit more filling. I ordered a Reggie the Veggie. Originally it comes with eggs and veggie sausages. I substituted the eggs for extra mushrooms; their veggie sausages have cheese in them, so instead I had guacamole.IMG_7160As far as breakfasts go, this was pretty good, especially if you’re in the mood for a fry-up. I especially enjoyed the mushrooms and the multi-grain toast. The guacamole had a little too much lemon for my taste, but it was fine when eaten with everything else.IMG_7172We sat in The Breakfast Club chatting and enjoying throw-back music for ages before we decided to leave. With full bellies and feeling a little merry, we made our way to the cinema to end the day with a movie. I had been itching to watch the 3rd instalment of the Hunger Games. I have read all the books so I am always get overly excited to see the visual representation, I thought it was great, but my brother fell asleep so I don’t think he would agree!IMG_7149Even though I was freezing, I had a great birthday. If you are in London, do check out the Breakfast Club. The staff were friendly and accommodating when it came to ordering a vegan friendly meal. I will definitely be visiting again, but in the warmer months as I’ve heard their outdoor area is lovely in the summer. They have several locations dotted around the city. Oh and if haven’t seen their website, you need to check it out ASAP. It’s done in the style of an old-school 2bit video game, plonky 80’s sound effects included. Absolutely amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Thandi Eats Vegan @ The Breakfast Club

  1. I’m heading to the Breakfast Club in Shoreditch soon. Having enquired about vegan options I was told that the bread and the potatoes contain dairy 🙁 I will be getting some combination of what I understand to be the only vegan things on the menu: mushroom, tomato, spinach, avocado and beans. I said that it would be great if they could offer more vegan options in future which wasn’t particularly well received!

    1. Hey Rosie!

      The Breakfast Club is a lovely place, great atmosphere but not a lot in the way of vegan options. Sorry to hear you got a bad reaction from their staff, hopefully customers enquiring about special dietary options will encourage them to expand their menu in the future.

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