Coriander & Cucumber Juice

I was shocked to discover that not everyone loves coriander! How would have thunk it? Coriander is by far my favourite herb. I am hard-pressed to find things it doesn’t go with. Some people experience a soapy taste instead of the lovely zesty flavour so many of us love. So if you aren’t a fan of coriander, there’s a high chance this juice is not for you.

 When typing up this post, I was a little confused as to whether I should call it coriander or cilantro. I’ve always known it to be coriander and stumbled upon the word cilantro whilst watching an episode of Friends. From what I understand after excessive googling, calling it cilantro seems to be reserved more for America and Spanish speaking countries. For the UK, coriander refers to the leaves and stalks. Then coriander seeds are well, coriander seeds. Either way, when you walk in a supermarket and call it coriander, people more than likely know what you’re talking about.

Other than being the perfect flavour enhancer, coriander is really good for you. It is full of phytonutrients and is one of the herbs richest in vitamin K. It is great for your heart and digestion. 100 grams of coriander will give you 30% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin-C.

I love the flavour of this juice and I believe it’s all thanks to the cucumber. It adds a wonderful cooling effect to the fragrant flavour of the coriander. It almost creates a watermelon-like flavour to juices that I am absolutely in love with. Cucumbers are fantastic first thing in the morning as they are 96 percent water, this means they are very hydrating and a great way to start the day.

Cucumbers are good for you inside and out. Running cucumber on the skin has the same soothing effect as Aloe Vera so it works well for rashes, sunburns and is great for eczema sufferers like myself. It’s high water content helps flush out toxins and it is great for your skin and hair. Cucumber is an alkalising food and helps neutralise the bloods ph.


(Makes one 250 – 300ml serving)

100g bunch of coriander leaves and stalks

3 green apples (I used granny smith)

½ large cucumber or 2 cups of chopped cucumber

½ a lime

Begin chopping all your ingredients into pieces that are manageable for your juicer. Juice the apples, cucumber then the lime. If you find the rind and the seeds make juices too bitter for you, you can juice the lime manually and throw away the rind. Lastly juice the coriander, I process it on a lower speed so I can get the most out of it. Chill the juice for 30 minutes and serve.I have this juice as an accompaniment to my breakfast, so I will usually follow with granola, fruit salad or oats. If you are wanting to make a meal of it, you can double the recipe to get a 600ml serving. The ingredients in this juice are great for inflammation and get the digestive system moving.  If you have the sniffles or want to prevent getting a cold, this juice is high in vitamin C and A, which help the body fight infection.

This really is a healthy heart juice as both cucumber and cilantro aid with the prevention of cardio vascular diseases. The soluble fiber in the apples has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

It’s a simple combination of ingredients, but it’s a serious flavour sensation! The juice tends to separate when you leave it to sit, so give it a stir first. If you don’t like the froth and would like a clear juice you can just scoop it off the top. This juice is perfect for both summer and winter, I am really enjoying it served over crushed ice, it’s a healthy cocktail without the hangover!

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